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The founder of Holmberg Dressage, Lars is a 40 year veteran of the equestrian industry, a native Swede and a naturalized US Citizen. Trained at Strömsholm, the Swedish National Riding School, Lars has also worked with such renown riders and trainers such as Bo Tibblin, Hans-Helge Rasmussen and Lars Parmler. As a part of his international education, Lars spent 6 months training in Germany with Liselotte Linsenhoff.

In the early 1980's, Lars was asked by the late Lillian Van Dahn, of Van Dahn Dressage, to come to California and work at as her assistant. After a successful 3 1/2 years stay with Van Dahn, Lars ventured out on his own to form Holmberg Dressage. Since the initial formation of Holmberg Dressage in 1990, 1992 turned into a year of expansion as Ulf Wadeborn joined Lars to form (HWD). Lars has started and trained multiple horses through to the FEI level with good results, including winning the SWANA association Horse of Year for Intermidare I.

In 2007 Lars was honored with being named a part of the USA Team to compete in Verden, Germany with his young approved Danish Stallion Mix Max. There the pair placed 11th in the Mini Final.

Lars is presently competing with a new horse named Mambo, owned by Lars and a sponsor; Jennifer Gossett from Oaklahoma.

To date, Lars has trained and shown more than 30 horses with an impressive 119 shows. Lars is available for clinics at your location.

Lars is a member of the USEF, USDF, CDS, DASC, Swedish Warmblood Society of North America and Swedish Dressage Ring

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Ulf Wadeborn is a native of Sweden with an extensive equestrian career. Ulf originally came to California on vacation with friend and long time trainer Bo Tibblin and long time friend and associate Maria Torwald. What was supposed to be vacation turned into a partnership offer by Lars. With a background in jumping and dressage, Ulf was educated at Strömsholm, the Swedish National Riding School, and has worked with Bo Tibblin, the former head of dressage training.

Prior to him coming to the United States, Ulf worked for Strömsholm, in the capacity as Head of Stable Management, and more recently as a riding and training consultant for the Swedish Equestrian Federation. Besides competing in both jumping and dressage competitions, Ulf is a certified 'R' rated judge within Sweden and he has been awarded his 'R' USEF judging license in the United States and is now accepted into the 'S' program. Ulf is the president of SWANA (Swedish Warmblood Association North America) and he has also become a breeding judge within Sweden.

Ulf has been approved for the S program judging license. Ulf is available for individual consultation on horse sales, training, on-site clinics and judging .

Ulf is a member of the USEF, USDF, CDS, DASC, President of Swedish Warmblood Society of North America and Dressage Swedish Ring

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